Damsbrook Model Flying Club abides by the BMFA rules and these should be read before flying at the site.

As with most clubs there is also the wish that everybody will abide by the local rules which are there for everybody's flying safety and enjoyment. These are:

Takeoffs to be performed at the far side of the white line drawn on the club "house".
When the wind is in an opposing direction rotation should have occurred
before the white line.
Flying over the pit area which is drawn out at the site, is prohibited.
Flying beyond the electric pylons to the north of the site is prohibited.
Planes and helicopters should not fly or hover at the same time.
NOTE FOR HELI PILOTS - Two helicopter pilots may stand and fly together within "close proximity" or 90/45deg to each other at the furthest point H from the club house, provied that both pilots feel this is safe to do so, to enable clear verbal communication between both pilots.

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